Photo gallery Serving the South African Manufacturing industry Software Development (Pty) Ltd - CAD / CAM / CAE / Wireless CNC communication experts Advanced CADCAM and Wireless CNC communication for the Manufacturing industry VISI Machining 2D Prismatic machining made simple VISI Machining 2D provides a practical, intuitive and simple solution for CNC programming including 4 and 5 axis indexing. Knowledge based feature recognition will automatically select features directly on the solid geometry and create reliable milling and drill cycle toolpaths. Extensive range of CAD interfaces. * Parasolid, IGES, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA. * STEP, Solid Works and Solid Edge. * CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG and ACIS. Simple programming and comprehensive tool management * Operation manager has a simple tree structure. * Select tools from the comprehensive tool library. * Calculate automatically feeds, speeds, stepover and depth of cut. * Graphical interface for machining parameters, cutting conditions and holders. * Easy and flixible origin creation. * Easy set-up for multi-axis indexing. Full range of drilling cycles * Centre drilling * Drilling * Tapping * Reaming * Boring * Helical milling * Thread milling * Diameters and depths directly from the model * Optimised toolpath movements Profile and face machining operations * 2D mill with choice of machining direction, circular or direct approach. * Cut down to a depth with a sequence of profiling moves. * Cutter radius compensation capability. * Auto create residual geometry where tool don’t fit. * Re-machining residual geometry with a smaller tool. * Spiral or zigzag face milling operations. * Milling by successive passes. Open and closed pocket machining * Spiral and zig-zag pocketing operations. * Multi depth islands nesting allowed. * Define draft angles & base radii for pocket and island walls. * Control the bottom and side tooling oversize. * Automatic island face milling. * Open sided pocket definition. * Auto start outside open pocket features. 2.5 axis toolpaths for simple 3D forms * Extrusion. * Revolution. * Sweeping a 2D profile along another 2D curve. * Produce simple 3D toolpaths. * Internal and external thread milling. * Helicoidal milling. * Fillet / chamfer machining on sharp edges. Obstacle management and graphical toolpath checking * Obstacle management ensures collision avoidance. * Reduce cycle time by eliminating unnecessary Z retract moves. * Graphical toolpath verification. * Simulation tool path in solid to show surface finish. * Show material being removed by each operation. * Warning of any potential collisions. Configurable postprocessors and set-up sheets * Library of postprocessors is available to suit most machines. * Post processors are fully configurable. * Canned cycles for drilling. * Sub routines to reduce program length. * Circular interpolation. * Cutter radius compensation. * Configurable set-up sheets. * Automatically generated as either HTML or XLS files. * Information on datum position, tooling, cycle times and the cutting envelope. VISI Software: