Photo gallery Serving the South African Manufacturing industry Software Development (Pty) Ltd - CAD / CAM / CAE / Wireless CNC communication experts Advanced CADCAM and Wireless CNC communication for the Manufacturing industry VISI Machining 4/5 axis Advanced 5 axis milling solutions 5 axis machining has traditionally been regarded as advanced technology best suited to the aerospace and automotive industry. 5 axis machining offers many advantages, all of which are now being applied to the mould and die sector. VISI Machining provides the operator with a productive solution for creating highly efficient toolpaths with advanced collision control for the most complex 3D data. Extensive range of CAD interfaces. * Parasolid, IGES, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA. * STEP, Solid Works and Solid Edge. * CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG and ACIS. Deep cavity / core machining * Machine deep cavity areas with small radii. * Automatically tilt the tool and holder away from the work piece. * Use shorter tools which will increase tool rigidity. * Short tools reducing vibration and deflection. * Higher cutting speed can be achieved. * Increase tool life and better quality surface finish. Convert 3D toolpaths to 5 axis toolpaths * All 3D toolpaths can be converted to 5 axis operations. * Dramatically increases the number cutting strategies. * Apply high speed machining technology to 5 axis toolpaths. * The 3D to 5 axis conversion provides intelligent collision detection. * Automatically tilt away from the piece only when required. * 5 axis for “Dummies”. Turbine / blisk machining  * Turbine / blisk machining is commonly performed using 4 axis. * Rough using turn milling. * Turn milling allows the high chip volumes per minute. * Regular engagement of the tool leading to a smooth cut. * Balanced spindle load and a constant movement in all axis. * Finish using a continuous spiral toolpath along the part. * Achieve high quality surface finish for these complex parts. Impeller machining * Visi has all the tools for successful impeller machining. * High surface quality. Positional machining * Do 2D and 3D toolpaths at any fixed angle. * Reduce multiple setups. * Orientate the head to the correct position automatically. * Cut machining time and reduce the need for multiple fixtures. * Positional machining allows the machining of undercuts. * Use short cutters for rigidity and improved surface finish. Trimming * Application used in the automotive or vacuum forming industry. * 5 axis groove milling or boundary trimming. * Programming a 5 axis trim toolpath is very easy. * Collision detection and toolpath simulation are an invaluable tool. Collision control * Gouge check tool & holders. * VISI provides multiple methods for collision avoidance;-     Cutter retraction along the tool axis.     Tool tilting for holder collisions.     Pulling the tool away from the work piece in a given direction. * Rotation axis can also be restricted to user-defined axis limits. Configurable postprocessors and set-up sheets * Software Development will do all 5 axis post support locally. * Post processors are fully configurable to suit individual requirements. * Canned cycles for drilling and boring. * Subroutines and cutter compensation. * 3+2 axis and full 5 axis CNC code. * Set-up sheets are automatically generated. * Information on datum position, tooling, cycle times, cutting envelope. * Layout of the set up sheet can be user tailored. * Output as either HTML or XLS format. Kinematic simulation * Using the real machine dimensions and limits. * Motion display of all rotational and linear axis. * Cutting tool, holders, jigs and fixtures can all be checked. * Gouges check against part, stock or any part of the machine tool. * Highlight crashes graphically. * Software Development will help with the construction of any machine. VISI Software: