Photo gallery Serving the South African Manufacturing industry Software Development (Pty) Ltd - CAD / CAM / CAE / Wireless CNC communication experts Advanced CADCAM and Wireless CNC communication for the Manufacturing industry VISI Progress Expertise in Progressive Die Design VISI Progress is dedicated software for the design of Progressive Dies and Press Tools. Industry specific functionality provides a more productive and efficient design experience. Helping the designer with intelligent decisions will reduce the potential for error and greatly improve manufacturing productivity. Extensive range of CAD interfaces. * Parasolid, IGES, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA. * STEP, Solid Works and Solid Edge. * CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG and ACIS. True hybrid modelling * Work with solid, surface, wireframe or combinations. * Not limited to prismatic or basic geometry. * Solid functions unite, subtract, extrude. * Solid funcions revolve, sweep, cavity, intersect and hollow. * Powerful surfacing technology for free-form geometry creation;- ruled lofted drive sweep n-sided patch drape tangent draft revolved piped surfaces. * Advanced surface editing * Easy to heal imported geometry * Construct the most complex 3D data. Powerful unfolding tools * Unfold both surface and solid models. * Powerful geometry based unfolding algorithm. * Developed blank based on;- neutral fibre model standard offset ratios automatic neutral axis formula * Step by Step unfolding. * Dynamically adjusting bend angles. * Parametric ribs & bosses. * Ribs & bosses can be activated or deactivated at any forming stage. * Removal or addition of extra stages. * Complete freedom for unfolding experimentation.   Flexible strip layout * Quickly formulate a 3D strip layout. * Automatic blank alignment, rotation and optimization. * Punch design and layout use auto created 2D strip plan, including fold lines. * Auto & semi auto creation of shearing punches. * Punches can be dynamically moved to different stages. * Place 3D folded stages into the strip. * Strip can be updated to reduce or increase in number of stages. * Modify strip parameters including width and pitch when required. * 3D strip can be simulated. * Check the validity and performance of the strip design.   Material economy and force calculations * Calculate material wastage of the strip layout automatically. * Calculate forces for strip and each stage;- shearing force bending force stripping force Tool assembly * Quickly construct a solid based layout of bolster plates. * Quick pillar and bush insertion. * Each plate can be easily modified. * Tool Assembly includes all the critical data for correct operation;- press stroke strip stroke punch height tool stroke * Assembly can be stored as a tooling template. * Choose templates from a list of tool standards. * Template can be applied to suit another strip layout, automatically. * Part list information is also captured within the tool assembly. Parametric component libraries * Sandard parts libraries from all leading suppliers including;- Misumi, Futaba, AW Precision, Fibro, Strack, Danly, Rabourdin Mandelli, Sideco, Intercom, Bordignon, Dadco, Dayton, Din, Kaller, Lamina, Lempco, MDL, Pedrotti Special Spring, Superior, Tipco etc. * Quick and accurate placement. * Modifications can be made at any stage during the project. * Each component has a full list of editable parameters. * Adjustment to suit individual tooling requirements. * Control creation of clearance holes for each component. * All components come with manufacturing data attributes. * Auto parts list creation.   Non Standard Punch Management * Rapid design and manufacture of non standard punch shapes. * Automated approach to the creation of non standard punches. * Automatic punch extrusion. * All clearances are correctly designated in each plate. * Easily manage plate clearances by the use of templates. * Parameter based creation of;- punch heels support stems punch holders Tool Detailing * Auto ceate 2D detailed drawings from the solid tool assembly. * Fully editable 2D and isometric sections views. * Automatic plate dimensioning and hole type and position tables. * Individual 2D details from any component in the assembly. * Displayed as a mixture of 3D rendered and 2D drawings. * Update the model will modify the 2D views. * Updates to model also updates any fully associative dimensions. * B.O.M. / parts list tables. * Balloon references can be added to the 2D drawing. * Dedicated assembly management tools.   Manufacturing modules * Fully integrated with VISI CAM products. * Manufacture plates using feature recognition. * Drilled hole features and apertures automatically * Visi-Machining for all 3-5D toolpaths VISI Software: