Serving the South African Manufacturing industry SDComms wireless CNC communication software for Windows SDComms is software for CNC communication that runs under the Windows operating system. These communication products have been developed and supported by Software Development (Pty) Ltd  for over 20 years with hundreds of installations in South Africa. Things that count * Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. * Friendly user interface. * Transmit / receive ISO G-code files. * Xmodem protocol for machines that can use it. * Transmit / receive Mazatrol CMT files (optional). * Transmit to older CNC using the BTR through a standard PC parallel port (*Win XP). * SDComms can dripfeed upto 115200 baud. * Access 99 serial ports by wire or wireless. * Easy file access and management. * Run multiple operations at the same time. * Auto Restart dripfeed program in case of tool brakeage or power failure. * Formatting master CNC files to a different CNC formats. * G-code graphic simulator for both milling and turning. * Auto check G-code programs has the correct program format. * View your milling programs graphics in different views ex. XY, ZX, ZY, XYZ. * Simulate CNC program in single block, continous or turbo mode. * Zoom in and zoom out for better viewing. * Get rapid and feed distances information. GEOMETRY AND G-CODE GENERATION ( SDComms add-on option ) This module consists of a simple, parametric alphanumeric language designed for programming numerically controlled machining centres and lathes. The utility is ideal for creating master programs of family components. Once a master program has been created any family component of the same type can be easily created simply by changing a few parameters. The program allows the operator to enter data in the form of statements with several levels of sophistication:- by entering unformatted machine G-Code blocks directly by defining geometrical elements such as points and sets of points for direct use in the G-         Code block generation phase by defining geometrical elements such as origins, lines and circles. These lines and circles may then be combined to produce a profile for offset computation and tool path generation. The coordinates generated may then be transformed in to machine blocks after visual check on the display screen.  Data can be entered interactively or as a batch file. The system does not require Post-Processors: machine blocks are automatically formatted according to parameters stored by a service program. The system allows contouring in any of the three planes and this coupled with the looping facility allows the generation of quite complex machining operations.   Features:- * Geometry definition - Points, Lines, Circles, Set of points and profiles. * Geometry is parametrically changable. * Drilling cycles on different types of point sets - ex. pcd's, matrix of points etc. * G-Code generation for Milling and Turning. * Countour milling / turning. * Pocket milling. * Rough turning. * Pocket turning. * Groove turning. * Thread turning. VISI Software: