Serving the South African Manufacturing industry Software Development (Pty) Ltd - CAD / CAM / CAE / Wireless CNC communication experts Advanced CADCAM and Wireless CNC communication for the Manufacturing industry VISI Analysis Data preparation and model validation VISI Analysis provides a suite of dedicated tools for the validation and preparation of model geometry. When working with imported data, the quality of the model is an important consideration. Finding potential problems at an early stage within the project will greatly simplify the task of the designer and generate huge time savings further along the design process. Extensive range of CAD interfaces. * Parasolid, IGES, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA. * STEP, Solid Works and Solid Edge. * CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG and ACIS. Automatically check for design changes * Compare models (solid or surfaces) and check for design changes. * Deviations are highlighted for quick identification of design changes. * Auto extract model differences. * Apply design changes to existing data. Draft angle and radii checking * Quickly validate the moulding feasibility. * Find potential undercut / design issues easily. * Highlight the model curvature. * Analyse max / min radii on model. Edge conditions * Fix imported data model quality. * Editing and simplify surface edges and tangency conditions. Graphically split a model into core and cavity * Multiple analysis and separation tools available. * Interrogate model for relevant core, cavity, undercut or side zones. * Undercut or slide features can be grouped. * Simulate motions of the mould opening sequence. * Saved animation as an external XML file for re-run. * 3 routines for finding the optimum split line. * Interact with the generated result and modify to suit. * Extract the split line as curve geometry. * Auto split the model into core, cavity or side moving zones. Parting & shut off faces * Generate and manage complex parting faces. * Use split plane tool to automatically create core and cavity models. Model validation & cleaning * Powerful model clean-up tools. * Check data for redundant geometry. * Duplicate geometry will be automatically highlighted. * Detect and delete small & sliver faces * Automatic removal, healing and sewing gaps to keep solid data. * Solid interference checking * Model validation for corrupt data, geometry faults and trimming conditions. Seed faces * Auto detect flowing surfaces from the reference face using a user-defined angle. * Very fast way of extracting or separating geometry into A & B surface sets. Surface Analyser * Dynamically show surface information:- draft angle condition trimming loops fillet radii. Photo gallery VISI Software: