Serving the South African Manufacturing industry VISI Software: VISI Modelling VISI Modelling is the foundation of all VISI products and provides a robust and powerful solid and surface modelling system based around the industry standard Parasolid kernel. Plastic Tooling Solutions Dedicated tools for the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds - from model analysis and flow simulation through to 3D tool design and manufacture. Geometry Validation When working with imported data, the quality of model geometry can have a dramatic effect on the success of your project and return huge time and cost savings further downstream for both design & manufacture. Advanced Modelling Advanced Modelling will help you overcome real life design problems with tools which are capable of deforming geometry while maintaining model integrity and holding curvature up to G4. Sheet Metal Solutions Industry specific tools for the design and manufacture of progressive & stamping dies - from model analysis and quoting, part unfolding and blank development through to 3D die design, manufacture and multi- axis laser trimming. VISI Analysis Finding problems at an early stage within the project lifecycle is hugely beneficial. VISI Analysis provides a suite of dedicated tools for the validation and preparation of model geometry. VISI Mould VISI Mould provides the complete mould tool design solution based on industry specific automation that guides the user through the mould development process. VISI Flow VISI Flow is a unique prediction tool, ideal for pre and post production analysis and concurrent engineering of injection moulded plastic components. VISI Electrode VISI Electrode is an automated tool for the creation and management of electrodes , commonly used to manufacture hard to machine features on mould and press tools. VISI Progress VISI Progress is an intuitive tool used for flat blank development, 3D strip layout and the design of progressive dies and press tools. VISI Multi-Slides VISI Multi-slides is an extension of VISI Progress. It has been developed for the design of CAMS used in “multi slide machines”, specifically for the bending process. VISI Machining 2D VISI Machining 2D provides a practical, intuitive and simple application for CNC programming, ranging from 2D operations through to 4 and 5 axis indexing. VISI Machining 3D VISI Machining 3D creates intelligent toolpaths on the most complex 3D data. Dedicated high speed milling techniques and built in smoothing algorithms create highly efficient and reliable NC code. VISI Machining 5 Axis 5 axis machining offers many advantages, and VISI Machining provides the operator with a productive solution for creating highly efficient toolpaths with advanced collision control. VISI PEPS-Wire Fully feature based, VISI PEPS- Wire incorporates the industry leading PEPS Wire technology, developed specifically for the precision engineering & tool making industries. VISI Blank VISI Blank is an integrated solution for the development of 2D blank shapes from complex 3D models for the sheet metal, progressive die, press tooling and crash tooling industries. VISI Reverse VISI Reverse is a high level software solution for 3D reverse engineering, 3D geometry reconstruction, topography, medical applications and many other disciplines.