Photo gallery Serving the South African Manufacturing industry Software Development (Pty) Ltd - CAD / CAM / CAE / Wireless CNC communication experts Advanced CADCAM and Wireless CNC communication for the Manufacturing industry VISI PEPS-Wire Advanced 2 and 4 axis Wire EDM solutions VISI PEPS-Wire incorporates the industry leading PEPS Wire EDM CAM system, developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool-making, mould & die, press and extrusion tool industries, within the VISI design environment. Fully feature based, VISI PEPS-Wire provides automatic feature recognition of wire features including tapered, variable taper and 4 axis directly from solid geometry. Features are easily machined creating reliable Wire EDM toolpaths and proven NC code for all Wire EDM machine tools By using VISI PEPS-Wire, your programming time will be minimised and your toolpaths will become more efficient, saving further time on the machine. VISI PEPS-Wire will streamline your day-to-day production, reducing costly errors and eradicating the need for dry-runs, giving you a competitive advantage Extensive range of CAD interfaces. * Parasolid, IGES, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA * STEP, Solid Works and Solid Edge * CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG and ACIS. Intuitive operation user interface * Choice of parameters such as;- machining direction auto offsetting lead on/off radius tag distance lead off distance lead on/off technology * Parameter is accompanied by a graphical image for easy understanding. Automatic feature recognition * Automatic feature recognition for Wire EDM features. * Detection of ‘through features including;- holes open and closed pockets constant taper (including constant radius and conic corner modes) variable taper taper and land variable land and 4 axis Feature modification tools * Easily edit advanced features such as 4 axis or variable tapers. * ‘Constraints’ or ‘synchronisation lines’ are easily added to 4 axis features. * Results dynamically update. * Variable tapered features can be edited graphically. Cutting strategies and tagging * Roughing and finishing cuts easily applied to multiple punches or dies. * Multiple tagging options with auto tag removal. * Reverse cutting on roughing, finishing and tag removal passes. * No-core pocket destruction of round, irregular and tapered apertures. * Cutting technology change points can be applied to any cut. * Simple and intuitive tool to add multiple tags and corner relief. * Use multiple start holes on a part. * Automatically establish tags near the start of each new hole location. * Select different methods of unattended machining. * For machines that auto wire threading run unattended. * Leave slugs attached while all preliminary cuts are taken. Toolpath verification and simulation * Simulate wire path in rendered solid graphics. * Include fixtures and target geometry. * Any collisions that are detected are highlighted both on the model. * Slugs removal is indicated. * The cutting process is emulated as on the machine. * Test if part is removable from the component. * Perform a part comparison between target model and cut part. * Highlight any rest material or gouges. Post processor database * VISI PEPS-Wire supports a comprehensive range of EDM machines. * Leading Machine Tool manufacturers including;- Agie Charmilles Brother Fanuc Hitachi Makino Ona Sodick Seibu Mitsubishi * Technology data is also included for supported machine tools. * JOB/Script file output for Agie. * CMD file output for Charmilles. * Post processors are easily configured to suit different machine models. Automatic Cutting Strategies * VISI PEPS-Wire offers predefined cutting strategies. * Automatic ordering of rough, finish and tag removal passes. * Accommodate common shop floor needs. * ‘Attended day cutting’ and ‘unattended night cutting’ * Reliable offsetting. * Square, conic and constant radius corner modes for variable taper. * Separate clearance for main cuts and tag removal available. * Additional M-Codes configurable at any point including;- ‘Stop/Optional stop Power on/off Wire cut/Thread * Automatic start hole creation using CAD points or user start hole strategies. * Secondary wire selection for supported machines. * Incremental lead on points to eliminate ‘witness marks’ on component. * Automatic approach and retract. * Technology to allow power to be ‘ramped’ up and down gradually. VISI Software: